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User requirements and obligations to use in general 

Eligible Users of the website need to meet the criteria listed below and the criteria is not limited to only these points, please read all the policies for complete information on the same.

  • A UAE resident valid UAE visa.
  • Over the age of 18 as per the passport / emirates ID.
  • All information / documents to be provided as and when requested by or its partners.
  • An individual or business may not have more than one active account.
  • No multiple or fake accounts are permitted for any or unique user, if users indulge in such activity, they will be banned without notice.
  • Must not publish any incorrect information when using the website in any manner.
  • Right to usage reserved. We have the right to block or suspend any user account and access to if you breach any of the terms, conditions or policies listed by us or by UAE law in general.
  • Users cannot exchange any contact information in their listings or through private chat, any exchange of phone numbers, emails, address, and social media handles or links redirecting users from will be blocked without notice and may not be allowed to use the website and its services forever.
  • Sellers / owners can list products only under the available categories and sub-categories. They can list products under the Other category in case they are unable to find the sub-category for the product under any specific category.
  • Product listings older than 3 months from the current date may be deleted from the platform to ensure updated listings for all users. is not responsible in any way for any transaction occurring outside its platform. Users are solely responsible for any interactions with other users. We do not control or monitor any meet ups outside the platform and we don’t recommend meeting any user of the platform. We are not liable for any incidents or events occurring from meeting other users in person outside the platform.

Users need to make sure their bank account information is correct for fund transfer from the Yalla Bargain Wallet as we are not responsible for any incorrect transfer due to the same. An online bank transfer fee of 7 AED is applicable when the seller/owner transfers money / earnings to their bank account. does not screen individual or business accounts over a minimum identity requirement, and does not endorse any individual or business entity in any way. By listing your product on, you agree that we may use your listing in part or full in any of our marketing or promotional activities.


Mergers and Acquisitions

As we expand and grow our business, we may explore geographical territories other than the UAE. We may also buy or sell businesses or add assets under Yalla Bargain LLC (the parent company of In the process or event of any M&A, dissolution, restructuring, all assets including registered users and data may be part of the deal.


Account Ban / Block team believes that respect towards and among all stakeholders is of paramount value to us in making the Yalla Bargain experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

The below section talks about what are the reasons through which a member may be permanently banned or blocked from using the services of

  • Yalla Bargain will not tolerate any form of abusive, derogatory remarks or foul language towards other fellow members of the Yalla Bargain community or towards any of the staff, partners and suppliers of Yalla Bargain will be banned permanently from using the services of Yalla Bargain.
  • Members indulging in cancellation of more than 2 orders in a year by the same buyer without proper reasoning.
  • If a same buyer / renter requests returns of more than 2 orders in a year without proper reasoning.
  • If a same seller / owner receive more than 5 order returns in a year with them losing the return dispute with the buyer.
  • If a user lists fake products or items prohibited under the UAE law for buying or renting on the
  • If more than 5 complaints are raised towards the same user from other registered members of the Yalla Bargain community.

If you think your account has been banned or blocked by mistake, please write to us at and we will consider the same at the earliest.


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