Pricing Model 

Listing of products on is FREE. Commissions are paid only when an order is placed on the website. There is a 5% VAT on the commission amount which is paid by the seller and is displayed when uploading a listing.

  • 15% commission on all products below 1000 AED
  • 12% commission on all products between 1000 – 5000 AED
  • 10% commission on all products above 5000 AED

Commissions are always paid by the seller / owner excluding shipping charges. Shipping charges on product orders is paid by the buyer / renter. Shipping charges on based on the sub-category of the product and may vary based on size and weight of the product. Shipping / Delivery charges for most items are included in the price of the product. A flat shipping rate is calculated on the order based on the seller at the time of checkout if term ‘Delivery Included’ is not mentioned in the listing.

No commission is charged on deposits for rental transactions.

Shipping charges for products may vary from one product category to another with a minimum of 20 AED.

An online bank transfer fee of 7 AED (inclusive VAT) is applicable when you transfer money / earnings from your Yalla Wallet to your bank account.

For information on VAT in the pricing model, please click here

Special commission rates may be provided to select business partners, please email us at for the same.

Payment Options for Buyers and Renters

Cash on delivery – Maximum of 5000 AED

Credit cards – Visa / MasterCard

Yalla Wallet - Cash available in your existing Yalla Wallet or through funds received in your wallet when you sell or rent out a product.

Referral Points – You may also partially pay for an item using points accumulated through our referral program or any other promo codes sent and activated by

Referral points cannot be redeemed for cash, it can only be used to buy / rent products on the website.


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